Damalia Majeed


  • Consultation
    Let's discuss what your hair goals are , what can be done ,what should be done and let's get your hair on a regimen.My goal for you is to have healthy beautiful hair and also to make sure you can maintain your hair at home with the correct products. Welcome and I cannot wait to see you.
  • Crown cut/ Rezo Cut Consultation
    For those guests that want to love and live in the natural beauty of there coils and curls . Let’s discuss hair goals , the does and don’ts of your curls . Please make sure you come with your hair in it’s natural state , shampooed properly,no product , hair not pulled up in bun or slicked back .
  • Naturally You
    Is our natural wash and go set . Detoxing of the scalp and hair , along with our hydration treatment followed by setting the hair .
  • Transformation Session
    Our transformation session is for the relaxed hair guests. Receive a relaxing shampoo along with our 5 min conditioning treatment.
  • Silkening Experience
    Our Silkpress Experience is for our natural hair beauties who wish to wear their hair straight temporarily which can last up-to 2 weeks .Silkpress also comes with our signature Aquatic Myster Treatment .
  • The Beauty Blowout
    Shampoo, condition and blow dry styling only does not include any other styling tools
  • Women's Haircut
    ***Please Note This Service Is Not For Curly Crown Cuts/Rezo Cut Specialty*** Womens Cut is shaping from long, short, bob styles and pixie styling
  • Coily Crown Cut/ Rezo Cut
    Shaping hair in its natural state for those that want to wear their natural curls/coils all the time. Includes detoxification mud treatment to cleanse scalp and product buildup, our signature aquatic mister treatments , shaping/cutting your hair into the desired look as well as setting your hair
  • Curly Reshaping Maintenance
    This is for our guests that have already had the Crown Cut /Rezo Cut experience that need to come in for maintenance . This does not include being set you must already come in prepped and ready .
  • Women's BasicTrim W/ StylingService
    Hair trim with a styling service this is not a stand alone service
  • Shampoo,Cut , Blow Dry Only
    A traditional shampoo, blowdry and basic trim ONLY , IT DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY STYLING
  • Color Transformation /Root Refrsh
    Transformation of the coloring from your natural hair color to another . Also root touch up for new growth of color and grey coverage
  • Highlift Double Process
    This service is or for the guests that does not want to use (bleach) lightener
  • Balayage
    A technique for highlighting hair in which the color is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated , natural look effect
  • Partial Highlights
    Partial Highlight consists of 7 to 12 foil placement to give your look dimensions
  • Full Head Highlights
    A full head highlight technique to give the hair multiple dimensions
  • Glossing Refresh
    Touching up color to give tonality of faded color or to give hair a tone or shading
  • Fantasy Color
    Fantasy color - when you are that one who loves to have fun and have the hair color thay turns heads because you have the Sass to pull it off ..
  • Blonding Experiance
    From wanr blondes to platinums which one do you desire . Please note that blonding may have to be done in sessions to get your desired blonde .
  • Gray Illuminate Color
    For the fabulous silver fox that wants to enhance he r natural grey
  • Relaxer Touch-Up
  • Halo Relaxer
  • Virgin Relaxer
  • Texturizer
  • Detangle
    Detangle service that needs extra love and attention. When hair isn't properly detangles prior to service. Please note this service does not include braid take down this rate can change at anytime
  • Comb Coils
  • Double Strand Twist
  • Rod Set
  • Roller Set
    A beautiful way to give your hair some body and bounce and also one of the best ways of a protective styling. Enjoy our hair spa hydration of the Aquatic Myster as well as a relaxing scalp massage.
  • Finger Coil
  • Flexi Rod Set
  • Flat Twists
  • Hydration Myster Treatment
  • Detoxifying Mud Hair/Scalp Trtmnt
    Removes product build up , dandruff, and stimulates hair growth
  • K18 Mask
  • Keratherapy Smoothing
  • Keratherapy Extended Silk Press
  • Cellu Madre SOS Treatment
  • Cellu Madre Treatment
  • Proplex Reconstructing Treatment
  • Nutritive Essential Oil
  • Perm - Cold Wave
  • Scalp Blue Light Therapy
  • Scalp Therapy Redlight
  • Sew In Takedown
  • Up Charge
  • Up-Do
  • Waxing - Brow Shaping
  • Waxing Brow Clean Up
  • Waxing Chin
  • Waxing Chin & Lip
  • Waxing Lip
  • Love Your Hair Class
    One on One coaching with Damalia to learn the proper care in shampooing and maintaining your curls properly, as well as learning the proper products that should be used for your texture type , and learning the correct way to set your hair for a wash and go . Virtual classes are available